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Accelerated Agreements - Client Onboarding

Accelerated Agreements is a new feature for ShareFile Premium users to improve their client onboarding process. This feature reduces onboarding cycle time.

Other benefits of the feature include:

  • One-click agreements
  • Send agreement for signature inside ShareFile
  • Create and use agreement templates in ShareFile
  • Auto-fill Agreement templates, see Create auto-fill agreement templates.
  • Automated client onboarding experience


  • Must have a ShareFile Premium account
  • Currently available only in the US.
  • Employee user must have an Admin assigned RightSignature account.


Adding a new prospective client

  1. In your ShareFile Premium account, navigate to People > Prospective Clients to open the Browse Client Prospects screen.

  2. Select Add Prospect then complete the form.

    add pc

  3. Select Add. The Prospective client added successfully banner displays.

  4. Select the new prospective client from the list by checking the box next to their name.

    select template

  5. Select Send Client Agreement. The Select a template screen displays.

    select template

  6. Choose the template that you want to use for the selected client. For more information, see Create auto-fill agreement templates.

  7. Review the auto-filled template on the Preview - Client Agreement screen then click Send.

    merged client info

The prospective client receives a Review & Sign Document request email from your ShareFile account. Once they complete the form, they click Submit. The Document Signature Completed screen displays. They’re asked to check their email to activate their account.

email notification

Once the client activates their ShareFile account access, they can sign into ShareFile and view their signed agreements.

The employee is notified that the client has executed the agreement and can review it in ShareFile.

executed agreement

A folder is created under the clients name and is automatically shared.

Accelerated Agreements - Client Onboarding