Citrix ShareFile

Personal Settings

Employee users can edit their personal settings when they sign into their account. The following information provides the details for each section in Personal Settings.

Edit Profile

The following items can be changed under Edit Profile:

  • Name and Company Details

  • Profile Picture

  • Change Password

  • Edit Email Addresses including Add Alternate Email

  • Time and Date

Personal Security

Users can change their security question and edit their information for Two-Step Verification. For more information on setting up Two-Step verification, see Security.

My Connectors

Users are able to connect to other cloud services to allow access to those files.


Account administrators control which connectors are available to users.

Advanced Connections

ShareFile is compatible with FTP clients including WS-FTP or FileZilla. You can also connect to your ShareFile account using a WebDAV client. For more information, see Advanced Connections.

My Apps & Devices

The user can control devices used to access their ShareFile account. For more information, see My Apps & Devices.

Personal Settings