Product Documentation

Application Definitions

Feb 06, 2011

As the Single Sign-on administrator, you can create an application definition or modify an application definition template for each application that you want Single Sign-on to manage for your users. You create application definitions by using the console or the stand-alone Application Definition Tool that can be installed on non-console workstations.

You can also allow users to add their credentials to Single Sign-on for any of their client-side applications that it detects, according to settings in user configurations. The plug-in software can detect and respond to logon changes for most applications, including the following application types:

Application Types Description
Windows 32-bit Windows applications (including Java applications) such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, SAP, or any password-enabled Windows application
Web Web applications (including Java applets and SAP) accessed through Microsoft Internet Explorer
Terminal Emulator Applications that you access through a HLLAPI-compliant terminal emulator. (Single Sign-on does not support 64-bit terminal emulator sorftware.)
The plug-in software responds according to application definitions that you create from scratch or copy from existing templates. An application definition:
  • Enables the plug-in software to recognize and respond to applications and the forms used by the applications to process user credentials
  • Consists of a set of identifiers that establish parameters to accomplish this recognition and response

Within each definition, you create logon and password-related forms required by the application to enable access. The application definition wizards can help you create a definition if you open the application; the wizards can detect the forms and fields of most applications by using Single Sign-on’s window-matching capabilities.

Tip: Single Sign-on includes default application definition templates for a variety of Citrix applications or application features. Additional templates are available by searching the Citrix Support Web site.