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Terminal Emulator Type Application Definitions

Feb 14, 2011

Terminal Emulator type application definitions are used to identify terminal emulator-based applications including mainframe, AS/400, OS/390, or UNIX. Single Sign-on provides Single Sign-on functionality to terminal emulator-based applications that implement a High-Level Language Application Programming Interface (HLLAPI), or that have a built-in scripting language that can display a dialog box.

Gathering the Information Required for Terminal Emulator Application Definitions

Usually the best (and simplest) way to gather the information required for terminal emulator (HLLAPI) application definitions is to launch the application.

Terminal emulator-based application definitions are created using the Form Definition Wizard. The wizard is used to identify one or more text strings that must be present (or not present) on the terminal emulator-based application screens for a specific user credential management form (user logon, change password, successful password change, or failed password change).

As you navigate to the user credential management form being defined, record all the user actions required to access the form. These actions must be provided in the form definition for each form while running the Form Definition Wizard from the console or from the Application Definition Tool.

After identifying the correct user credential management form, the coordinates of the data entry fields used for submitting the appropriate user credential information to the application are defined. These are defined by specifying the sequence of actions, or keystrokes required to move between fields or screens and enter text.