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Mfrmlist.ini Field Definitions

Feb 07, 2011

Terminal emulators added to the Mfrmlist.ini file will function only if they follow the HLLAPI standard. The field definitions for the Mfrmlist.ini file are provided below. If you must add a terminal emulator definition, check with the terminal emulator’s manufacturer to determine whether or not the terminal emulator supports HLLAPI and to obtain the correct field definition entries. To determine whether or not a terminal emulator works with Single Sign-on, test it outside of your production environment.

Field Definitions
[EmulatorName] The value for EmulatorName must match the value used for the EMUnn=EmulatorName line in the [Emulators] section.
GroupName Internal use only.
DisplayName The display name of the terminal emulator, which will be one of the two parameters used when spawning a new process to handle the session. Must be unique to the Mfrmlist.ini file.
RegistryLoc The registry key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE that points to the path where the HLLAPI DLL is stored. If the program does not store this information in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE, use the ExplicitPath setting instead of the RegistryLoc setting. If both RegistryLoc and ExplicitPath settings are defined, the ExplicitPath setting takes precedence.
ExplicitPath The explicit path of the HLLAPI DLL file used by this emulator. This setting is used in place of the RegistryLoc setting when the emulator program does not store the HLLAPI DLL location in the system registry. If both RegistryLoc and ExplicitPath settings are defined, the ExplicitPath setting takes precedence.
ValueName The name of the value in the RegistryLoc key that contains the actual path value.
DLLFile The name of the HLLAPI DLL file.
StripFileName Indicates the value stored in ValueName contains a backslash \ that must be stripped when assembling the HLLAPI DLL path from ValueName and DLL File entries.
IntSize Defines the integer size supported by the terminal emulator, 16-bit or 32-bit.
WindowClass The Window Class name for the terminal emulator. Obtained by using the Single Sign-on console or the Application Definition Tool.
WindowTitle A portion of the Window Title that can be used by Single Sign-on to ensure this window is associated with the terminal emulator. Must contain at least one word that will always be in the Windows title. Wildcards are assumed on either side of the text
UseSendKeys Instructs Single Sign-on to use SendKeys for communicating with the terminal emulator. The option is not the same as the one used for Windows applications.