Product Documentation

Advanced Settings for Terminal Emulator-Based Applications

Jan 14, 2010
Some terminal emulator-based applications require additional configuration support to ensure that the correct user credential management form is identified. That might include:
  • Waiting a defined amount of time for the terminal emulator-based application to start before attempting to identify the application
  • Processing a series of keystrokes to navigate to the initial logon page or change password page
  • Ignore processing a page when specific text appears

When advanced configuration settings are required for the user credential management form being defined, click Advanced on the Configure other settings page of the Form Definition Wizard to open the Advanced Settings dialog box.

The Advanced Settings dialog box has two configuration pages that are accessed from the left panel on the page:
  • Highlight the Host Form Additional Settings option to access the Additional settings options:
    • Delay field entries (ms). Enter the number of milliseconds to delay processing the form while waiting for the application to complete loading.
    • Keys before. Enter the virtual key codes that must be entered to access the first field of the user credential management form being processed. Select the Virtual key codes hyperlink to access the help for the valid virtual key codes.
  • Highlight the Ignore Match option to access the Text match to stop credential submission option. This option is used to specify text strings that appear on the application page for forms that are to be ignored.