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Summary of API Functions

Feb 07, 2011

The API functions provide a method you can use to define actions in the provisioning XML file. In addition to the sample code in these topics, more sample code is available on your product installation media.

All Single Sign-on specific elements and attributes introduced are prefixed with the "ctxs" namespace indicator. The XML snippet in each text box lists both a request and a corresponding response.

Only the synchronous execution mode is supported. Any requests to use asynchronous execution results in unsupportedExecutionMode errors.

For brevity, the following descriptive placeholders are used instead of example values:

Placeholder Text Interpretation
FQDN The user's Fully Qualified Domain Name.
application-GUID The GUID assigned to an application definition when it is created using the Single Sign-on component of the Citrix AppCenter.
credential-GUID The GUID assigned to the provisioned secondary credential by the Provisioning Service upon completion of an addRequest.
RA-generated-ID A unique ID for a request created by the Requesting Authority. This is used in the requestID optional attribute of the request elements. It is only relevant if support for asynchronous execution is added.
AuthToken The authentication-token element is mandatory, but is not used at this time.