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Deleting a Credential - deleteRequest

Feb 07, 2011

Use the deleteRequest operation to delete a single credential. The credential GUID specifies the credential to be deleted.


<deleteRequest requestID="RA-generated-ID"  
   <psoId ID='credential-GUID'> 
      <containerID ID='userFQDN'/> 


requestID (mandatory) This is the client-generated ID that associates the return values with this request.
executionMode (mandatory) Single Sign-on supports synchronous execution mode.
authentication-token (mandatory) The auth-token element is mandatory, but is not used at this time.
psoID (mandatory) The psoID is a unique identifier for each end user; PSOID is the credential's GUID returned by the lookupResponse.
containerID (mandatory) The containerID provides the FQDN of the user who owns the credential.

Syntax for Return Values

<deleteResponse status="success" requestID="RA-generated-ID"> 

Parameters for Return Values

status (mandatory) Possible values: Success, Failure, Pending
requestID This is the client-generated ID that associates these return values with the associated request.