Product Documentation

Installing the Java Runtime Environment

Aug 20, 2013

Single sign-on supports the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), Versions 1.4.x, 5 (1.5.x), and 6 (1.6.x). Download the current supported version from the Sun Microsystems Web site (

If You Install or Upgrade the JRE after Installing the Single Sign-on Components

If you install or upgrade the JRE after installing the Single sign-on component of the Delivery Services Console, Application Definition Tool, or plug-in, associate the current JRE with the Single sign-on component.
  1. In the Control Panel, go to the Programs area and select the Single sign-on component.
  2. Click Change.
  3. In the setup dialog, select Repair.

Troubleshooting a Java-Related Error Message When Installing or Uninstalling the Plug-in

You might see the following error message when you attempt to install or uninstall the plug-in:

"Citrix Single sign-on has detected that one or more Java software programs or files are currently in use. Please close all programs and stop all Java-related services before continuing. "

Typically, this error occurs if you are installing the plug-in on a computer also running a Web server service such as Apache Tomcat or Apache HTTP server. Also, this error might be seen if you are installing the plug-in on a XenApp server with a License Management Console installed.

In this case, perform the following steps:
  1. Stop the service.
  2. Install or uninstall the plug-in.
  3. Restart the service.