Product Documentation

Creating a central store

Aug 16, 2013
  1. Load the XenApp media.
  2. From the Autorun menu, select Manually install components > Server Components > Additional Features > Single Sign-on.
  3. Select Central Store.
  4. Select a central store type: NTFS network share or Active Directory.
    • If you select NTFS network share, the central store is created as %SystemDrive%\CITRIXSYNC$.
    • If you select Active Directory:
      1. Select Step 1: Extend Active Directory. The Active Directory schema is extended.
      2. Select Step 2: Create Central Store.
      3. After the Central Store is created, restart the server where the Single Sign-on console is installed. You need to do this so the Central Store is discovered.
      Important: Ensure the current server is part of the Active Directory domain and that the current user is a member of the Schema Administrators group and Domain Administrators group. Ensure that the Active Directory Schema Master is configured to allow updates. Also, if the server you are extending the Active Directory schema from is not the domain controller, ensure the Microsoft Windows utility Ldifde.exe is installed on it before beginning this step. The utility can be found on the Windows installation media or at the Microsoft Web site. You will not be able to complete this process if Ldifde.exe is not installed.