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Add a Citrix XenServer resource location

Important: The features in this topic have been deprecated and are no longer available in Smart Tools. This topic will be removed at a later time. For more information, see What’s New in Citrix Smart Tools.

A resource location is an instance of a virtualization platform, a private cloud, or a public cloud where blueprints are deployed. Before you deploy blueprints to your Citrix XenServer instance, you must first add it to Smart Tools as a resource location. For more information about the types of resource locations Smart Tools supports, see Resource location requirements.

If your XenServer instance is behind a firewall, you need to deploy a machine within the instance to act as a connector between Smart Tools and XenServer. You install the Citrix Smart Tools Agent on this machine to enable Smart Tools to communicate with your XenServer instance. When setting up your resource location, Citrix recommends accessing Smart Tools from the machine that will act as the connector.

For more information about using connectors and the Citrix Smart Tools Agent, see Agent and connector requirements.

To add a XenServer resource location

  1. Log on as an administrator user of the machine you are preparing to be the connector.
  2. Log on to the Smart Tools web site using your account credentials. If applicable, select the customer account you want to use.
  3. From the home page, click Resources & Settings.
  4. On the Resource Locations page, click Add Resource Location.
  5. Select Citrix XenServer and then click Next.
  6. If applicable, on the Select a connector for XenServer page, select one of the following options:

    • Use existing machine that has Smart Tools Agent on it. Select this option if you have already installed the agent on a machine in your XenServer instance and you want to designate it as the connector. Click Next and proceed to Step 9.
    • Prepare a new connector. Select this option if you have not yet installed the agent on the machine you want to designate as the connector. Click Next and proceed to Step 7.
  7. To install the agent on the machine you want to designate the connector, perform the following actions:
    1. Select the operating system for your machine and click Download agent. When prompted, save the agent package to the machine or to a location that the machine can access.
    2. Locate the agent package you downloaded and install it. After the agent is installed, it registers the server with Smart Tools. The registration process is not immediate and might take a few minutes. After the machine registration is complete, a green checkmark appears. Click Next. Note: The installation procedure varies between operating systems. For detailed information on installing the agent in different operating systems, see Install or remove the Citrix Smart Tools Agent.
  8. In the Machines with Agent Installed box, select the registered machine and click Use Selected Machine as Connector. Smart Tools installs additional software on the machine to designate it as a connector.
  9. Enter the following information:

    • In Resource Location Name, enter a friendly name for your XenServer environment.
    • In Server address, enter the address of the XenServer host or pool master you want to use. Examples: http://My-XenServer-Host;
  10. In Username and Password, enter the administrator credentials for the XenServer host or pool master.
  11. Click Add. Citrix Smart Tools verifies the instance details you provided and adds the resource location to your account.
  12. Click Done to return to the Resource Location page. Your XenServer instance appears in the list on the Resource Locations page.

Add a Citrix XenServer resource location