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Share a blueprint or script

Important: This topic describes deprecated functions and will be removed from the documentation. For more information about deprecated functions in Smart Tools, see What’s New in Citrix Smart Tools.

Smart Tools enables you to design or customize blueprints and scripts and share them with other account users.

Sharing allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Collaborate with other users in designing and testing blueprints and scripts.
  • Distribute a blueprint or script to a limited audience, without publishing to a catalog.

You can share using the following methods:

  • Share with specified roles: You can share based on the role of the user. For example, you can share an item only with Architect and Operator users.
  • Share with specified users: You can select the names of existing users of your Smart Tools account.

You can share an item only with other users of your Smart Tools account. If you want to share an item with users of other accounts, you must publish the blueprint to the Blueprint Catalog.

Private and shared blueprints and scripts

By default, blueprints and scripts that you create are private. They do not appear in any catalogs and no other users can view them. After you share a blueprint or script, they appear in the library of the users you specified.

After you share an item, users can view and modify it. If you modify a shared item, your modifications are visible to all other users sharing the item. When you modify an item, Smart Tools does not lock it to prevent concurrent modifications. If multiple users are modifying an item simultaneously, Smart Tools does not resolve any conflicting modifications. Typically, the last modification to be saved is displayed when viewing an item.

If you deploy a shared blueprint with other users, your deployment is shared with those users by default. Smart Tools does not allow you to create a private deployment or share the deployment with different users.

To share a blueprint or script

  1. On the Library page, point to the blueprint or script you want to share.
  2. Under Actions, click Actions > Share.
  3. Select the roles and users you want to share your blueprint. By default, the list of roles appears. To select users, click Users and select the users you want to share your blueprint. All combinations of roles and users selection are supported.
  4. Click Share Blueprint or Share Script.

The blueprint or script is shared with the selected roles and users, and appears in the list on the Library page.

Share a blueprint or script