Change the address or passphrase of a primary StorageZones Controller

To specify a different external or local address for a primary StorageZones Controller

You can change the external address of a primary StorageZones Controller by using this procedure or other server management tools.

  1. In the StorageZone Controller configuration page, click Admin and then click StorageZones.
  2. Click the zone name and then click the primary StorageZones Controller hostname.
  3. Specify the new External Address or Local Address and then click Save Changes.
  4. Restart the IIS server of all zone members.

To change the passphrase of a primary StorageZones Controller

  1. Open the StorageZones Configuration page: http://localhost/configservice/login.aspx.

  2. Click Modify.

  3. Specify a Passphrase to be used to protect your file encryption key. Be sure to archive the passphrase and encryption key in a secure location.

    The passphrase is not the same as your account password and cannot be recovered if lost. If you lose the passphrase, you cannot reinstall StorageZones, join additional StorageZones Controllers to the StorageZone, or recover the StorageZone if the server fails.

    Note: The encryption key appears in the root of the shared storage path. Losing the encryption key file immediately breaks access to all StorageZone files.

  4. If you changed the passphrase on the primary server: Log on to the StorageZones Configuration page for each of the other members and enter the passphrase when prompted.

    You must use the same passphrase for each StorageZones Controller in a zone.

  5. Restart the IIS server of all zone members.