Add Citrix Gateway

Add a Citrix Gateway to provide remote access and authentication to StoreFront.


  • A hardware or software Citrix Gateway.

  • The Citrix Gateway can access the StoreFront server or load balancer by FQDN.

  • Create DNS records for the FQDN that will be used to access StoreFront via the gateway.

  • A server certificate for the Gateway which is valid for the gateway FQDN.

  • Authentication server details.

Configure Citrix Gateway

  1. Log into Citrix Gateway web interface.

  2. Under Integrate with Citrix Products choose XenApp and XenDesktop.

    Screenshot of Citrix ADC admin UI

  3. If you do not have any gateways already configured the click Get Started, otherwise click Create New Gateway.

  4. Choose StoreFront and click Cointinue.

    Screenshot of NetScaler admin UI choosing between NetScaler and Web Interface

  5. On the Citrix Gateway step, enter:

    • The Gateway FQDN as the FQDN which users will enter access StoreFront via the gaetway.

    • The IP address you would like to use for the Gateway virtual server.

    • The Port on which the Gateway will listen for conenctions, normally 443.

    • Tick Redirect requests from port 80 to secure port.

    Press Continue

    Screenshot of NetScaler admin UI gateway step 1 Citrix Gateway screen

  6. On the Server Certificate step, import a server certificate which is valid for the gateway FQDN.

    Screenshot of NetScaler admin UI gateway step 2 certificate screen

    Click Continue

  7. On the StoreFront step:

    • Enter the URL of the StoreFront server or load balancer.

    • Press Retrieve Stores then select the Receiver for Web you wish to provide access to.

    • Enter the default active directory domain used when users log on. Users can override this by entering a specific domain.

    • Enter at least one Security Ticket Authority URL. If using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, normally this will be the URLs of the delivery controllers. If using Citrix Desktops as a Service, enter the URL of the cloud connectors.

    Screenshot of NetScaler admin UI gateway step 3 StoreFront screen

    • Normally it is recommended for NetScaler to authenticate users then single-sign-on to StoreFront. Alternatively you can tick Use this StoreFront server for authentication. This exposes the StoreFront authentication pages to the user.
    1. On the authentication step:
    • Select a value from the Choose Authentication Type drop down. The availble options are:
      • Domain
      • RSA
      • SMS
      • Smart Card
      • RSA + Domain
      • StoreFront Auth
      • RSA + StoreFront Auth

      If you wish to use other authentication methods such as SAML then these must be configured Other authentication options must be configured outside of this wizard.

      If you choose StoreFront Auth or RSA + StoreFront Auth then NetScaler leaves it to StoreFront authenticating the user. In this case you must disable token consistency.

    • Fill in the details according to the authentication type chosen.

    Click Continue.

    Screenshot of NetScaler admin UI gateway step 3 StoreFront screen

    1. Press Done to take you to the dashboard.

    2. Next to the StoreFront server, click the download icon to download a configuration file that you can import into StoreFront.

Configure StoreFront

The simplest way to configure StoreFront is to export a configuration file from NetScaler and import it into StoreFront, see Import a Citrix Gateway.

Alternatively you can manually Add Citrix Gateway

Add Citrix Gateway