Product Documentation

Advanced configurations

Sep 15, 2015

StoreFront allows advanced options that you can configure using  PowerShell, certificate properties, or configuration files.

Configure Desktop Appliance sites  

Create, remove, and modify Desktop Appliance sites. 

Configure authentication for XenApp Services URLs

Enable users of domain-joined desktop appliances and repurposed PCs running the Citrix Desktop Lock, along with users who have older Citrix clients that cannot be upgraded, to access stores.

Create a single Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to access a store internally and externally

Provide access to resources from within your corporate network and from the Internet through a NetScaler Gateway and simplify the user experience by creating a single FQDN for both internal and roaming external clients.

Configure Resource Filtering Filter enumeration resources based on resource type and keywords.
Configure special folder redirection Configure Special Folder Redirection for users to map Windows special folders for the server to those on their local computers. Special folders refer to standard Windows folders, such as \Documents and \Desktop, which are always presented in the same way regardless of the operating system.