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Configure authentication and delegation

Sep 15, 2015

Depending on your requirements, there are several authentication and delegations methods.

Create and configure the authentication service The authentication service authenticates users to Microsoft Active Directory, ensuring that users do not need to log on again to access their desktops and applications.
XML service-based authentication When StoreFront is not in the same domain as XenApp or XenDesktop, and it is not possible to put Active Directory trusts in place, you can configure StoreFront to use the XenApp and XenDesktop XML Service to authenticate the user name and password credentials.
Kerberos constrained delegation for XenApp 6.5 Use the Configure Kerberos Delegation task to specify whether StoreFront uses single-domain Kerberos constrained delegation to authenticate to delivery controllers.
Smart card authentication Set up smart card authentication for all the components in a typical StoreFront deployment.