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Configure high availability for stores

Jan 28, 2016

For stores that aggregate resources from multiple deployments, particularly geographically dispersed deployments, you can configure load balancing and failover between deployments, mapping of users to deployments, and specific disaster recovery deployments to provide highly available resources.

Where you have configured separate NetScaler Gateway appliances for your deployments, you can define the optimal appliance for users to access each of the deployments. If you deploy NetScaler Gateway in a global server load balancing configuration, you must update the store configuration with details for each of the appliances. 

You can set up highly available multi-site store configurations:

Configure load balancing, failover, disaster recovery, and user mapping for a store

Configure subscription synchronization

Configure optimal NetScaler Gateway routing for a store

Use PowerShell to configure optimal NetScaler Gateway routing for a store

To configure a store for NetScaler Gateway global server load balancing

For examples, see Examples of highly available multi-site store configurations.