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Fixed issues

Jun 21, 2016

Issues fixed in 3.0.1

o    Session always times out after default timeout, even if user has been active

The Citrix Receiver for Web site times out after the default timeout is reached from when you logged on to the site. This occurs even if you have launched apps during that time. [#589233]

o    Firefox for Linux ignores desktop autostart

Linux with Firefox cannot auto launch a desktop session. [#579613]

o    Unable to use Citrix Receiver on Linux when HTML5 client fallback is configured

When HTML5 client fallback is configured, Linux users cannot use Citrix Receiver for Linux. [#584355]

o    A blank screen displays when launching an app from a Web Interface account

When launching an application in mobile Citrix Receivers in Web Interface mode for iOS or Android a blank screen displays. [#585463]

o    Featured App Groups do not open if HTML tags are in the title

Using an HTML tag in a featured app group displays an error. [#581369]

o    Cannot enable XenApp Services support for the second and subsequent stores

You can enable XenApp Services support for the first store in a deployment, but when you attempt to enable XenApp Services support for subsequent stores, the configuration is lost. [#586761]

o    Credential Wallet configuration is incorrect  after an upgrade to StoreFront 3.0

After upgrading to StoreFront 3.0 from any previous version, the Credential Wallet configuration is missing an element. This causes errors to be written to the event log and stops operation of the replication channel in the Credential Wallet, breaking cross-server logon with username/password. [#578470]

o    The –TreatAsApps keyword hides published content in Citrix Receiver for Web

If you add the –TreatAsApps keyword to treat a published desktop as an application or use the PowerShell to treat all desktops as applications, published content does not display. [#583376]

o    Aggregation of resources might fail.

In a high availability StoreFront environment, aggregation of resources can fail if there is a high load on the servers. [#LC4209, 612090]

Issues fixed in 3.0

o    Google Chrome browser version 40 blocks the attempted download of Citrix Receiver

Google Chrome browser version 40 blocks the attempted download of Citrix Receiver with the message: "CitrixReceiverWeb.exe may harm your browsing experience, so Chrome has blocked it." The workaround is to configure StoreFront to use a different download URL for Receiver in the web.config file [#541858].

Workaround steps: 

1. On the StoreFront server, navigate to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\storenameWeb\

2. Close the StoreFront administrator console.

3. In a text editor, open the web.config file, and locate the line:

<win32 path="" />

4. Replace the line in the previous step with:

<win32 path="" />

5. Save and close the web.config file. 

o    Misaligned breadcrumbs and long folder names

In Apps > Folders, when you expand the folder path of an application, which contains one or more long folder names (for example, Citrix\StoreFront\applicationwithlongfolder\namestestexamplefolder), the "breadcrumb trail" is misaligned in the Apps and Folders area of the UI. Also, it is not possible to see the full folder name of an individual folder with a long name. For example, namestestexamplefolder. [#536715]

o    Internet Explorer (8, 9)

Older versions of Internet Explorer (8, 9) have an intermittent issue where the user is prompted to install Citrix Receiver even when the latest version has already been installed. If this happens, skip the Install step by clicking Log on. [#539272]

o    In the StoreFront admin console, the Add Shortcuts to Websites action is not supported. [#542297]