Known issues in 2203

The following issues exist in this version:

  • Import and export of StoreFront configurations between different product versions isn’t possible [LCM-7104]

  • Applications in a StoreFront store fail to count and launch, and an SSL connection error is reported. It happens if you use the Citrix ADC load-balancing feature to distribute the load to the delivery controller servers. And StoreFront is using HTTPS to communicate with the load-balancing delivery controller services. To resolve this issue, the cipher suite order list on Citrix ADC must include only the TLS_ECDHE_* cipher suites. Assign a delivery controller server as STA Server in Citrix ADC or StoreFront outside your site. Also ensure that the cipher suite order list on StoreFront includes the cipher suites. These cipher suites must precede any other cipher suites. [LCM-9308]

  • Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) delegated user authentication or application enumeration might fail after upgrading StoreFront to version 2203. The issue occurs when TLS1.0 is disabled on the ADC or on a Secure XML Traffic configured Delivery Controller before the StoreFront upgrade. For more information, see [CVADHELP-19774]

Known issues in 2203

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