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What is Tech Zone?

Citrix Tech Zone is home for technical, in-depth articles that are inspired and driven by the Citrix technical community and enthusiasts. Whether you are an architect, consultant, engineer, or technical IT manager, you can find detailed insights into Citrix solutions.

What resources can I find in Tech Zone?

Technical articles, videos, architectural diagrams, reference architectures, design decisions, and many more interesting technical articles that provide you the insights to design, build, and deploy Citrix technologies.

Who is behind Tech Zone?

Citrix experts and enthusiasts from across the globe who are passionate about Citrix technologies. Here, these experts share their insights on what they can design, build, and deploy in a secure digital workspace. These experts are Technical Marketing Engineers, Citrix Consultants, Sales Engineers, Citrix Technology Professionals, Citrix Technology Advocates, or any other technologists.

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