Design Decision: Citrix Cloud Considerations

Citrix Cloud, much like Azure, supports multiple tenants and provides one or more Citrix Cloud services for use by the tenant. Each tenant is identified by one or more organizational identifiers (OrgIDs). Companies set up OrgIDs based on how they would like to manage their Citrix assets. OrgIDs are assigned to one of three Citrix control plane regions: United States, European Union, or South Asia Pacific.

Here are the questions that you need to answer about Citrix Cloud

How many Citrix OrgIDs do I need?

  • Citrix customers can have one or more OrgIDs based on their organizational structure

  • When multiple OrgIDs are in use and are configured in separate regions, use of multiple Citrix tenants can improve user experience.

  • Use Citrix OrgIDs to isolate resource usage and for billing simplification

  • A single Citrix Cloud OrgID has a limit of 100,000 concurrent users or 3,000 sessions per minute for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service

  • A Citrix Cloud OrgID only supports a single Azure AD tenant for authentication, though multiple Active Directory domains are supported

  • Citrix Cloud customers must select a host region for each OrgID

  • Citrix recommends using isolated OrgIDs for development and test to keep them separated from production environments

Which Citrix region should I select?

  • The Citrix region selected identifies the location of the Citrix control plane. The location of the Citrix VDAs is independent and maps to Azure regions.

  • The Citrix Cloud region for an OrgID should be as close as possible to the Azure regions that uses that control plane

  • The Citrix Cloud region cannot be changed after it is selected

  • Citrix Cloud regions are fully redundant within the geographical region where they are hosted

What Citrix licensing model should I choose?

  • For cloud-deployment only customers, you need the Workspace Premium Plus per user license to access the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service

  • For customers with on-premises licenses, the on-premises licenses for Virtual Apps and Desktops, Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure, and Endpoint Management include cloud services support

  • On-premises licenses can be added to your Citrix Cloud OrgID by registering the on-premises Citrix License Server with Citrix Cloud. You can also add the license using the 8-digit short code

What do I need to do to configure Citrix Workspaces from Citrix Cloud?

  • Citrix Workspaces support multiple authentication providers including, Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Citrix Federated Authentication Services, and Okta

  • Citrix Workspaces does not support the legacy Program Neighborhood clients (PNAgent). If your environment includes these legacy clients, plan to use on-premises versions of StoreFront servers and Citrix Gateway or upgrade the clients to the Workspace application

  • Disabling Workspace Integration prevents users from accessing the service to launch resources, but it does not disable the URL itself

  • To support auto-launching of a desktop or application, verify that the Workspace URL is in the local zone or the trusted sizes zone

What is the best way to migrate my on-premises WEM infrastructure to the Azure cloud?

  • The WEM Service must be provisioned in Citrix Cloud before the WEM database can be migrated

  • Download the WEM migration tool from Citrix Downloads

  • Before starting the migration process, configure the database maintenance on the Database Maintenance tab to reduce the database size and shorten the migration process

  • The WEM migration toolkit requires .NET Framework version 4.7 or later. If not running 4.7, upgrade first to 4.7 then migrate the database to the WEM service using the toolkit

  • A successful migration means that all WEM data in your current database will be lost. Make sure you back up your existing database before starting the migration

  • After upgrading the database, on the VDA hosts switch to the service agent mode and point it to the Cloud Connectors then restart the VDA host

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