Design Decision: Scalability Considerations

Which Azure instance series are best for hosting my Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops workload?

  • Select the D/DS series instances when your applications consume a fair amount of memory. The D/DS series have a higher memory-to-CPU ratio.

  • Select the F/FS series instances when you need excellent CPU response times and do not require a significant amount of memory. The F/FS series have faster processors but lower memory-to-CPU ratios than the D/DS series instance family.

  • The most cost-effective instance type is the F/FS series with 8 or 16 vCPUs followed by the D/DS series with 4 vCPUs.

  • Choose instance types with fewer vCPUs when you want to:
    • affect fewer users during maintenance windows or unexpected server performance issues
    • scale down quicker to take advantage of cost savings with Autoscale
  • Choose instance types with more vCPUs when you want to:
    • Reduce the API calls to Azure infrastructure for operations
    • Manage fewer machines

The scalability and economics of delivering Citrix Virtual App and Desktops services on Azure

Design Decision: Scalability Considerations