Citrix ADC nFactor Basics Cheat Sheet


Multifactor authentication enhances the security of an application by requiring users to provide multiple proofs of identify to gain access. The NetScaler appliance provides an extensible and flexible approach to configuring multifactor authentication. This approach is called nFactor authentication.

nFactor authentication allows businesses to build authentication scenarios that match business use cases. These use cases include any number of authentication factors, login interface, and message customization. Even more so, multiple potential authentication paths based on user or device context.

The Citrix ADC nFactor Cheat Sheet provides a one-page summary of nFactor authentication detailing in the following: concepts, how it works, nFactor Visualizer information, configuration steps, and more.

Use the following link to download Citrix ADC nFactor Basics Cheat Sheet.

Cheat Sheet

Citrix ADC nFactor Basics Cheat Sheet