Tech Insight: Zero Trust Strategy for Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions require an extensive amount of time to integrate the underlying infrastructure. Enabling collaboration between both companies often requires creating and expanding VPN-based solutions, which can be risky.

With Citrix Workspace, organizations can create a zero-trust strategy for mergers and acquisitions. The zero-trust approach enables the following:

  • With contextual authentication policies, users maintain their current identity and identity provider.
  • With contextual authorization, users can access only approved applications and desktop resources.
  • Contextual access policies place restrictions on user activities within the application and desktop resources.
  • User behavior analysis adds real-time security analytics helping to prevent insider threats, compromised endpoints, and compromised user accounts.
  • VPN-less access to internal resources to authorized users from either organization.

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The zero-trust strategy for mergers and acquisitions integrates the following

  • Citrix Workspace
  • Citrix Analytics for Security
  • Citrix Application Delivery Controller
  • Citrix Secure Private Access Service
  • Citrix DaaS

To learn more about this solution, please review the Reference Architecture: Zero-Trust Strategy for Mergers and Acquisitions.

Tech Insight: Zero Trust Strategy for Mergers and Acquisitions

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