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Tech Zone Live returns on November 17, 2021, so now’s the time to register.

The Tech Zone Live event has something for everyone. We’ve broken down the next event into three main topics to deep dive into the Citrix Launchpad events:

  1. Cloud
  2. Security
  3. Work

In each segment, we break it down into two distinct sub-sessions covering different aspects

In Technical Session 1, Cloud, we will:

  • Deep dive into the new Citrix App Delivery and Security Service
  • Discuss how to easily move on-prem images to cloud with Image Portability & PVS on Azure

In Technical Session 2, Security, we will:

  • Talk about our latest cloud-delivered, zero-trust service, Citrix Secure Private Access
  • Discuss how Citrix + Google enable a Zero-Trust environment that minimizes attack surface and reduces threats

In Technical Session 3, Work, we will:

  • Review all the latest features and functionality of Citrix Workspace
  • Discuss how Citrix + Google provide solutions for Contact centers

Join us on Nov 17 2021 at Tech Zone Live


If you missed an earlier Tech Zone Live event, you can still watch each session on-demand.

July 2021

Watch July 2021 On-Demand Now.

Session Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3
Moving to cloud to adapt a hybrid work environment 2021-Q3-E1Why Citrix Workspace is Right for you with Sasa Petrovic 2021-Q3-E2Debunking Cloud Myths with Dan Morgan 2021-Q3-E3DaaS for Business Continuity with Kireeti Valicherla
How to protect your company from ransomware attacks 2021-Q3-E4Ransomware Overview with Fritz Voelker 2021-Q3-E5Proactively protect your environment from ransomware with Landon Fraley 2021-Q3-E6Securing SaaS and Web Apps with Michael Gustafsson

May 2021

Watch May 2021 On-Demand Now.

Session Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3
How Zero Trust and SASE fit into your Workspace 2021-Q2-E1Demystify Zero Trust, Zero Trust Network Access, Secure Access Service Edge with Brook Handler 2021-Q2-E2How SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) can better protect Citrix with Jacob Rutski 2021-Q2-E3A Zero Trust Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy with Dan Feller and Brian Olsen
Using DaaS to Support a Flexible Workstyle 2021-Q2-E4Getting Started with Citrix DaaS with Allen Furmanski 2021-Q2-E5Troubleshoot DaaS Performance Issues with Analytics for Performance with Ana Ruiz 2021-Q2-E65 tips for successful migration to Citrix Apps and Desktops services with Sarah Steinhoff
Steps you can take to improve the WVD experience 2021-Q2-E7Using Azure files for Profile Management with Loay Shbeilat 2021-Q2-E85 steps to success you’re your WVD deployment with Rob Beekmans 2021-Q2-E9Better Windows Virtual Desktop security with SASE and ZTNA with Christian Schwendemann

February 2021

Watch February 2021 On-Demand Now.

Session Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3
Steps you can take to improve the VDI and AVD experience 2021-Q1-E1Prevent Noisy Neighbors from Ruining Your VDI Experience with Allen Furmanski 2021-Q1-E2The Tools Needed for Users to Self-Service Their VDI Instances with Phil Wiffen 2021-Q1-E3Tips for a Painless Transition to Cloud-Managed VDI with Brendan Lin
How the events of 2020 should impact your security plan 2021-Q1-E4The Right Solutions to Protect Users from Phishing Attacks with Florin Lazurca 2021-Q1-E5Security Policies to Reduce Fallout from Mis-Delivery Mistakes with Martin Zugec 2021-Q1-E6Tips for Preventing Credential Stealing and Ransomware Attacks with Roger LaMarca
Building a workspace that fits your workstyle 2021-Q1-E7Using Service Continuity to overcome Cloud Service Failures with Mayank Singh 2021-Q1-E8Tips on Sizing Your VDI Instances for any Cloud/Host Provider with Brian Jozefat 2021-Q1-E9See how to integrate Google with Citrix Workspace with Rick Dehlinger
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