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Did 2020 feel like the sky was falling? Did it feel like we were under attack? Did it compel your organization to take a hard look at your IT infrastructure? Crisis situations often reveal hidden weaknesses and shortcomings – but they can also lead to unexpected successes.

Now is a great time to apply lessons learned from 2020, both positive and negative, to three key IT issues – improving your users’ virtual desktop experience, strengthening your security posture, and simplifying flexible work scenarios.

Join us on February 17 for Tech Zone Live, a virtual event presented by our technical experts and some of our best Citrix Consulting architects. This three hour event consists of nine separate 20 minute sessions where we skip the marketing and get right to the details on how to make your world better. Each session focuses on one of these key topics:

  • Steps you can take to improve the VDI and WVD experience
  • How the events of 2020 should impact your security plan
  • Building a Workspace that fits your workstyle

Whether you are focusing on WVD, on-prem VDI, Google Cloud or security practices, there is something for you at Tech Zone Live. This event will offer practical guidance, tips, and fixes to help you build on the solutions you relied on to get through 2020.

Register Now for the February 17, 2021 event.

Tech Zone Live