Intro to Citrix DaaS


If you are new to Citrix DaaS, take a moment to learn more about the product with the following items to help you learn more.

Product Overview

From any location on any device, users can access their virtual apps and desktops, allowing you to gain the flexibility you need with the most comprehensive desktop as a service (DaaS) options available.

Video Intro Video: Citrix DaaS - Product Overview

Technical Overview

Citrix DaaS enables you to securely deliver a high-performance virtual apps and desktops experience to any device. Citrix DaaS delivers end user access to Windows and Linux applications and desktops securely from a central location.

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Admin Experience

The Citrix DaaS allows organizations to focus on the parts of the solution that directly impacts the users (the virtual desktops/apps servers). With the cloud-managed control plane, Citrix manages the underlying infrastructure (databases, controllers, and license servers). See how an entire Citrix DaaS solution can be deployed in less than 20 minutes with the use of the cloud-hosted control plane.

Video Demo video: Tech Overview – Citrix DaaS

Conceptual Architecture Posters

At a high-level, learn about the components and interactions within the Citrix DaaS solution. The posters are divided into the cloud-hosted control plane and the on-premises control-plane.

Video View: Citrix DaaS - Cloud-Hosted Management Plane
Intro to Citrix DaaS