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Learn - Tech Insights

Tech Insights are short, 10-15 minutes videos explaining a technology, a feature, a function with foundational technical insights and a visual walkthrough of the technology.

Citrix Value Adds to Azure Virtual Desktop - Learn about how Citrix provides key capabilities to increase flexibility, agility, security, and more to Azure Virtual Desktop, while also driving down costs.

Learn - Tech Briefs

Tech Briefs are short overview documents explaining a technology, a feature, a function next to a technical diagram.

App protection - App protection policies protect application data from attacks based on keyloggers and screen capture tools. Allow companies to embrace BYOD, and extend resources to remote workers, contractors, and gig economy workers.

Zero Trust - Zero Trust is the most important End User Computing movement since Mobile and Cloud. The Citrix Zero Trust Architecture enables the “any-any-any” vision that Citrix has been espousing for years and is secured by access policies that take trust into context.

Learn - PoC Guides

PoC guides provide step-by-step instructions to learn about functionality of the solution by following these guides in test environment.

App protection policies - Learn how to enhance the security of your endpoints with App protection policies as part of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployment. Protect your users with anti-keylogging and anti screen capture functionality.

URL Redirection with Secure Browser and Citrix ADC in Azure - Learn how to provide the dynamic delivery of resources by redirecting browsing to a Remote Browser Isolation service protecting the company network without sacrificing user experience.

Design - Reference Architectures

Reference architectures are comprehensive guides that assist organizations in planning their Citrix implementations complete with use cases, recommendations, and more.

Architectural Considerations for the General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR - Learn how Citrix solutions enable organizations to meet the European GDPR data privacy laws while also meeting business objectives.

Desktop-as-a-Service for Business Continuity - Learn how to design an environment that uses Desktop-as-a-Service as a Business Continuity solution. This reference architecture incorporates Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, SD-WAN, and Performance Analytics.

Federated Authentication Service - Learn about Federated Authentication Service, authentication delegation and how to use seamless web authentication methods to log in to Windows environments for both Citrix Cloud and on-premises deployments.

Build - Tech Papers

Tech papers are deep dives into specific problem, technology or solution providing details, leading practices and architectural insights.

Endpoint Security, Antivirus, and Antimalware Best Practices - Tech Paper focused on proper configuration, and recommendations for running an antivirus solution in Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops environments. Recommended exclusions, configuration, and leading practices.

Networking SSL / TLS Best Practices - Tech Paper focused on SSL / TLS best practices for Citrix Networking deployments. We cover configuration items such as the certificate chain bound to the virtual server, cipher suite settings, and disabling older protocols that are vulnerable to attack.

Articles: Security