Solution Hub - Citrix DaaS on Microsoft Azure


Welcome to the Solution Hub for Citrix virtualization on Azure! If you, like many customers, have an interest in deploying Citrix virtualization solutions on Azure, then you’ve found the right place to start! You’ve also found the place to come back to as your needs (and the components of the Citrix/Microsoft solution) evolve over time.

This document is the efforts of a group of people who are committed to your success. We’re using this “Solution Hub” for one express purpose - to share the guidance and resources that help you find success. Think of this hub as a focal point - as a way to present and curate the resources we believe are critical to a successful deployment.

Thank you in advance for allowing us to be part of your journey!

So… what’s next?

By the time you begin exploring this Solution Hub, you should have a reasonably solid idea what Citrix virtualization is and what Azure is. If you don’t, this hub is probably one or two clicks deeper than you want to be. We suggest you start the journey here instead.

If you’re an engineer or an architect looking for guidance on WHAT you’re going to build, you want to click down into our Design Guidance section. Here you’ll find detailed descriptions different design considerations to help you define the architecture of the system you’re building.

Check back often as we are always adding new content.

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Solution Hub - Citrix DaaS on Microsoft Azure