Advanced Concepts for Citrix DaaS on Google Cloud


Integrating a Citrix DaaS Solution with Google Cloud includes capabilities to handle almost every user requirement. Many of these capabilities are advanced topics, often reserved for those specific scenarios. These advanced capabilities are what makes this solution so powerful; being able to meet every requirement within a single product. Learn about some of these items and processes within the Advanced Concepts section of Tech Zone.

Migration and Modernization

Citrix customers of all shapes and sizes are moving to cloud-based infrastructure and services, often as part of digital transformation and/or IT modernization initiatives. Many of these organizations are turning to Google Cloud and Citrix’s cloud services. This shift is often driven by the need to do more than lift and shift everything to the cloud – they’re looking to transform their people and processes as well as their infrastructure. Citrix and Google provide products, services, and guidance which meet customers where they’re at on their digital transformation journey. They also support and even accelerate the transformation process across all ‘planes’ of technology in an organization: people, processes, and technology.

In broaching this often complex topic, we start off with a logical overview of the process flow, phases, resources, programs, and tooling used to complete a migration project. We then dive into the three logical phases of migration, offering up guidance on why and how to complete each.

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Advanced Concepts for Citrix DaaS on Google Cloud