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Unidesk 2.10 for vSphere

Unidesk 2.10 for vSphere (PDF Download)

Unidesk is now part of Citrix, and the Unidesk solution is part of Citrix App Layering.

Unidesk is the proven solution used by more than 1,300 VMware vSphere customers to manage applications, eliminate image management, and provide persistent personalization in VDI environments with Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon.

The Unidesk documentation is now available in PDF format, instead of in HTML pages. You can download the PDF and save a local copy to use offline.

To navigate the PDF file, use the built-in Search and Bookmark features. Avoid using the links in this file, as they refer back to the landing page.


Unidesk 2.10 for vSphere

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