Usage Analytics


Attention: Citrix Usage Analytics has reached its end of life and is no longer available to users.

Citrix Analytics – Usage (Usage Analytics) provides insights into the basic usage data of your Citrix products. You get the visibility into how users interact with the various Citrix products that are being used in your organization. The usage data helps you to understand the user adoption and engagement of a product. From the Usage dashboards, you can use the following metrics to determine how the Citrix products are being used and adding value for your users:

  • User metrics such as active uses

  • Product usage metrics such as top domains accessed, top application used, and data download volume


You can use the following dashboards to view the usage data:

  • Content Collaboration - Provides the basic usage data of the Citrix Content Collaboration service.

  • Microapps - Provides the basic usage data of the Citrix Workspace service.

  • SaaS and Web Apps - Provides the basic usage data of web applications and SaaS applications accessed through the Citrix Secure Private Access service.

What’s next

  • System requirements: Minimum requirements that must be met before getting started.

  • Data sources: Know about the products that Analytics supports.

  • Data governance: Know about the collection, storage, and retention of logs by Analytics.

  • Get started: How to start using Analytics in your organization.

Usage Analytics