Data source

What is a data source?

Data sources are Citrix services and products that send data to Citrix Analytics.

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How do I add a data source?

After you log on to Citrix Analytics, on the Welcome screen, select Get Started to add a data source to Citrix Analytics. Alternatively, you can also add a data source by navigating to Settings > Data Sources.

Citrix ADM agent

What are the minimum resource requirements to install an agent on a hypervisor on-premises?

8 GB RAM, 4 Virtual CPU, 120 GB Storage, 1 Virtual Network Interfaces, 1 Gbps Throughput

Do I need to assign an additional disk to Citrix ADM agent while provisioning?

No, you do not have to add an additional disk. The agent is used only as an intermediary between Citrix Analytics and the instances in your enterprise data center. It does not store inventory or analytics data that would require an additional disk.

What are the default credentials to log on to an agent?

The default credentials to log on to the agent is nsrecover/nsroot. This logs you on to the shell prompt of the agent.

How do I change the network settings of an agent if I have entered an incorrect value?

Log on to the agent console on your hypervisor and access the shell prompt by using the credentials nsrecover/nsroot, and then run the command networkconfig.

Why do I need a service URL and an activation code?

The agent uses the service URL to locate the service and the activation code to register the agent with the service.

How can I reenter service URL if I have typed it incorrectly in the agent console?

Log on to the shell prompt of the agent by using the credentials nsrecover/nsroot, and then type: deployment_type.py. This script lets you reenter the Service URL and activation code.

How do I get a new activation code?

You can get a new activation code from Citrix ADM service. Log on to Citrix ADM service and navigate to Networks > Agents. On the Agents page, from the Select Action list, select Generate Activation Code.

Can I reuse my activation code with multiple agents?

No, you cannot.

How many Citrix ADM agents do I need to install?

The number of agents depends on the number of managed instances in a data center and the total throughput. Citrix recommends that you install at least one agent for every data center.

How do I install multiple Citrix ADM agents?

On the Data Sources page, click the plus (+) sign next to Citrix Gateway and follow the instructions to install another agent.

Alternatively, you can access the Citrix ADM GUI and navigate to Networks > Agents and click Set Up Agent to install multiple agents.

Can I install two agents in a high availability setup?

No, you cannot.

What do I do if my agent registration fails?

  • Make sure your agent has access to the Internet (configure DNS).

  • Make sure you have copied the activation code correctly.

  • Make sure you have entered the service URL correctly.

  • Make sure you have the required ports open.

Registration is successful, but how do I know if the agent is running fine?

You can do the following to check if the agent is running fine:

  • After the agent is successfully registered, access Citrix ADM and navigate to Networks > Agents. You can view the discovered agents on this page. If the agent is running fine, the status is indicated by a green icon. If it is not running, the state is indicated by a red icon.

  • Log on to the agent’s shell prompt and run the following commands: ps -ax | grep mas and ps -ax | grep ulfd. Ensure that the following processes are running.

    Registration problem

  • If any of the processes is not running, run the command masd restart. This might take some time to start all the daemons (1 minute or so).

  • Make sure agent.conf is created in /mpsconfig after successful registration of agent.

Onboarding Citrix Gateway instances

Citrix Gateway Instances are added to Citrix Analytics, but how do I know if Analytics is enabled on the Agent?

You can verify if analytics is enabled on the agent using the agent’s shell prompt. If analytics is successfully enabled on the agent, the turnOnEvent parameter would be set to Y in the /mpsconfig/telemetry_cloud.conf file.

Log on to the agent’s shell prompt and run the following command: cat /mpsconfig/telemetry_cloud.conf and verify the value of the turnOnEvent parameter.

Verify Agent is enabled

I accidentally closed the Citrix Gateway onboarding wizard. Do I have to start my configuration from the beginning?

No. Citrix Analytics saves the progress and displays the incomplete configuration as a tile in the Data Sources > Settings page. Click Continue setup to complete the configuration.

Onboarding Virtual Apps and Desktops Site

Can I add more agents on Delivery Controllers for Citrix Analytics?

Yes! Adding more agents ensures high availability for your Site, enabling Citrix Analytics to keep analyzing user behavior in the event one of your Delivery Controllers becomes unavailable.

To add more agents:

  1. Click the Site card and then click View Site details. Citrix Analytics displays a list of the available Delivery Controllers in your Site.

  2. Click Install agent for the Delivery Controllers you want to add. When the installation finishes, the Agent State changes to “online.”

How do I turn data processing off?

If you want to temporarily disable data processing from your Site to Citrix Analytics, simply click the Site card and then click Turn off data processing.

When I add my Site to Workspace and click “Test STA,” the test fails. What do I do?

There might be a connectivity issue between your Citrix Gateway and Cloud Connectors. To troubleshoot, see CTX232517 in the Citrix Support Knowledge Center.

Where can I get help with Citrix Analytics?

You can ask questions and connect with Citrix Analytics experts in the Citrix Analytics Discussion Forum at https://discussions.citrix.com/forum/1710-citrix-analytics/.

To participate in the forum, you must sign in with your Citrix ID.