About User Management Tool

The User Management Tool enables you to provision employee user accounts and distribution groups from Active Directory (AD).

The User Management Tool:

  • Enables provisioned users to sign in to ShareFile/Citrix Files using their AD credentials.
  • Stores user account provisioning rules with your account information in the Citrix cloud. You can install the tool on any machine and access your rules by logging in to your account.
  • Matches ShareFile/Citrix Content Collaboration accounts to AD based on email address, links your existing employee accounts to AD, and updates employee account information in ShareFile/Citrix Content Collaboration.
  • Enables you to specify options, including the authentication method and default storage zone for each provisioning rule.
  • Enables you to use distribution groups to manage folders and easily share documents with a group.
  • Keeps ShareFile/Citrix Content Collaboration in sync with AD changes based on the schedule you specify. You can create multiple, named synchronization jobs in the User Management Tool. To run a job, the User Management Tool uses the same Windows user context that was active when the job was scheduled.
  • Supports a proxy server connection between the User Management Tool and ShareFile/Citrix Content Collaboration.
  • Includes a log file to help with troubleshooting Citrix API-related issues.

For information about new features, see What’s new.

What’s new

What’s new in 1.8.4

  • This release addresses a number of issues that include:
    • Logging enhancements
    • Proxy file handling

Fixed issues

Fixed issues 1.8.3

User Management Tool 1.8.3 includes performance enhancements.

Fixed issues 1.8.2

User Management Tool 1.8.2 includes performance enhancements.

Fixed issues in 1.7.5

  • Added rule that prevents a user from entering more than 50 characters in the company field within a rule [SFUMT-53]
  • Corrected issue where UMT might fail to import users in a group if users are in a particular named OU [SFUMT-51]

Fixed issues in 1.7.4

  • Fixed layout issues and registry errors [SFUMIT-40]

Fixed issues in 1.7.3

  • The User Management Tool does not support provisioning user accounts into restricted StorageZones. [SFUMT-42]
  • For some accounts, scheduled tasks assign all new users to the wrong zone. [SFUMT-34]

Fixed issues in 1.7

  • The User Management Tool installer prompts you to install .NET Framework 4.0 instead of the required .NET Framework 4.5. [17846]
  • The User Management Tool does not indicate that a distribution group was not created because it contains more than the maximum of 2000 users allowed by ShareFile. [127822 and 91356]
  • A scheduled job will not run if you save the job with the default Start On date. To work around this issue, type a different Start On date and then change the date back to the current date. [87453]
  • The Update existing job setting is active in the Save Job dialog box even if there are no scheduled jobs. [88609]
  • The User Management Tool allows invalid values for custom storage quotas. [89554]
  • The User Management Tool cannot run a job that includes a space in the job name. To work around this issue, do not use spaces in job names. [17230]

Known issues

  • Azure Active Directory is not directly supported in the User Management Tool. To work around this issue, set up a local active directory on the same server as the User Management Tool. The local active directory will then connect to Azure Active Directory. For more information, see Deploy.
  • If your site uses ShareFile Two-Step Verification, you must use a password that is specific to the User Management Tool to log on to it.
  • The User Management Tool creates a new distribution group if it finds a distribution group name in ShareFile that matches an AD group name. The tool does not combine the AD group with the existing distribution group.