About ShareFile User Management Tool

The User Management Tool enables you to provision employee user accounts and ShareFile distribution groups from Active Directory (AD).

User Management Tool architecture

The ShareFile User Management Tool(UMT) enables you to match ShareFile accounts to AD based on email address and will provision and update user information in ShareFile. This tool allows you to specify policies a user should be a part of, as well as distribution group membership. Through this application you can create multiple, named synchronization jobs which can be run repeatedly through windows scheduler through the Windows user context that is active when creating the job.


When deploying ShareFile along with XenMobile Enterprise, user provisioning may also be accomplished through roles established in the XenMobile console which is out of scope for this documentation. For accounts with Policy Based Administration enabled, it is best practice to disable the provisioningof ShareFile users through XenMobile.

About ShareFile User Management Tool