Fixed issues

Workspace Environment Management 1912 contains the following fixed issues compared to Workspace Environment Management 1909:

  • When you use a configuration object with Workspace Environment Management PowerShell modules SDK cmdlets, all parameters must be specified. If they are not, the command fails with an InvalidOperation error. [WEM-691, WEM-693]

  • In PowerShell, when you use the help command with the -ShowWindow switch to display help in a floating window for a Workspace Environment Management PowerShell cmdlet, the Examples section of the help is unpopulated. To see the examples, use the get-help command with the -examples, -detailed, or -full switch instead. [WEM-694]

  • In Transformer (kiosk) mode, and with Log Off Screen Redirection enabled, WEM might fail to redirect the user to the logon page after logging off. [WEM-3133]

  • The administration console might exit unexpectedly when you scroll down the agent list on the Administration Console > Agents > Statistics tab. [WEM-6004]

  • The Use Cache Even When Online option on the Administration Console > Advanced Settings > Configuration > Agent Options tab might not work. [WEM-6118]

  • Attempts to import registry files might fail with the following error message: Error “Import from Registry file” - Import Completed with Errors. The issue occurs when a registry file to be imported contains two or more values that have the same name. [WEM-6232]

Fixed issues

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