Fixed issues

Workspace Environment Management 2112 contains the following fixed issues compared to Workspace Environment Management 2109:

  • When you use the WEM PowerShell SDK module to export or import a WEM configuration set, certain settings, such as application security (AppLocker) rules, are not included. [WEM-12811]

  • The WEM agent can consume a significant amount of memory usage. Sometimes, its memory consumption can increase to 3 GB per session. [WEM-14682]

  • When you use WEM to pin certain applications to the taskbar, they might not be pinned successfully. The issue occurs with Windows multi-session OS machines. [WEM-14812]

  • WEM fails to deploy registry keys if their path contains a forward slash (/). The issue occurs because WEM incorrectly treats the forward slash as a separator. [WEM-15561]

  • When you click Apply to save your environment settings, the administration console might exit unexpectedly. The issue occurs because the Style setting of Environmental Settings > Start Menu > Set Wallpaper is left empty. (If you previously set Style to Fill or Fit, the setting became empty after you upgraded the administration console to version 2109.) Workaround: Do not leave the Style setting empty. [WEM-16351]

Fixed issues