Product Documentation


Mar 27, 2018

These options allow you to define Workspace Environment Management administrators (users or groups) and give them permissions to access sites (configuration sets) via the administration console.

Configured Administrators List

A list of configured administrators showing their permission level (Full Access, Read Only or Granular Access, see details below). You can use Find to filter the list by name or ID against a text string.

To add an administrator:

  1. Use the context menu Add command.
  2. Enter details in the Select Users or Groups dialog, then click OK.

Name. The name of the user or group you are currently editing.

Description. Additional information about the user or group.

Global Administrator. Select to specify that the selected user/group is a Global Administrator. Clear to specify that the selected user/group is a Site Administrator. Global Administrators have their permissions applied to all sites (configuration sets). Site Administrators have their permissions configured on a per-site basis.

Permissions. This allows you to specify one of the following levels of access to the selected user/group. Note: Administrators can only view settings which they have access to.

Full Access administrators have full control over every aspect of the specified sites (configuration sets). Only Global Administrators with Full Access can add/delete Workspace Environment Management administrators. Only Global Full Access and Global Read Only administrators can see the Administration tab.

Read Only administrators can view the entire console, but cannot modify any settings at all. Only Global Full Access and Global Read Only administrators can see the Administration tab.

Granular Access indicates that the administrator has one or more of the following permission sets:

Action Creators can create and manage actions.

Action Managers can create, manage, and assign actions. They cannot edit or delete actions.

Filter Managers can create and manage conditions and rules. Rules that are in use on assigned applications cannot be edited or deleted by Filter Managers.

Assignment Managers can assign resources to users or groups.

System Utilities Managers can manage the System Utilities settings (CPU, RAM and process management).

Policies and Profiles Managers can manage Policies and Profiles settings.

Configured Users Managers can add, edit, and remove users or groups from the configured users list. Users or groups with assigned actions cannot be edited or deleted by Configured Users Managers.

Transformer Managers can manage Transformer settings.

Advanced Settings Managers can manage advanced settings (enabling or disabling action processing, cleanup actions, and so on).

Security Managers can access all controls in the Security tab.

State. This controls whether the selected user/group is enabled or disabled. When disabled, the user/group is not considered to be a Workspace Environment Management administrator and cannot use the administration console.

Type. This field is read only and indicates whether the selected entity is a user or a group.

If the Global Administrator is cleared, the following controls are enabled:

Site Name. All Workspace Environment Management sites (configuration sets) belonging to the database this infrastructure service is connected to.

Enabled. Select to enable this administrator for the specified Workspace Environment Management site (configuration set). When disabled, the user/group is not considered to be an administrator for that site and cannot access it.

Permissions. Select a permission level for the selected user/group for each Workspace Environment Management site (configuration set) attached to this infrastructure service.