Product Documentation


Mar 27, 2018

Rules are composed of multiple conditions. You use rules to define when an action is assigned to a user.  

Filter rule list

A list of your existing rules. You can use Find to filter the list by name or ID against a text string

To add a filter rule:

  1. Use the context menu Add command.
  2. Enter details in the New Filter Rule dialog.
  3. Move conditions you want configured in this rule from the Available list to the Configured list.
  4. Click OK.




Name. The display name of the rule, as it appears in the rule list.

Description. This field is only shown in the edition/creation wizard and allows you to specify additional information about the rule.

Filter Rule State. Toggles whether the rule is enabled or disabled. When disabled, the agent does not process actions using this rule even if they are assigned.

Available Conditions. These are the filter conditions available to be added to the rule. Note. The DateTime filter expects results in the format: YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm

Multiple values can be separated with semicolons (;) and ranges can be separated with hyphens. When specifying a range between two times on the same date, the date should be included in both ends of the range, e.g.: 1969/12/31 09:00-1969/12/31 17:00​

Configured Conditions. These are the conditions already added to the rule.

Note: these conditions are AND statements, not OR statements. Adding multiple conditions requires them all to trigger for the filter to be considered triggered.