Product Documentation

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Mar 27, 2018

Configure License Server. Allows you to specify the address of your Citrix License Server, without which the administration console will not let you modify any settings. Alternatively, you can use the Licensing tab in the Infrastructure Services Configuration utility to specify these credentials. Citrix License Server information is stored in the same location in the database in both cases.

Get Help. Opens the Citrix Product Documentation website in a web browser window.

Options. Opens the Administration Console Options dialog. These options are specific to this local instance of the administration console.

Auto Admin Logon. If enabled, the administration console automatically connects to the last infrastructure service it connected to at startup.

Enable Debug Mode. Enables verbose logging for the administration console. Logs are created in the root of the current user "Users" folder.

Console Skin. Allows you to select from a variety of skins for the administration console only.

Port Number. Allows you to customize the port on which the administration console connects to the infrastructure service. This port must match the port configured in the infrastructure services configuration.

About. Lists the current version of the administration console as well as licensing (license type, registration and count) and legal information.