Product Documentation


Mar 27, 2018

General Settings

These settings control the appearance and basic settings for Transformer.  

Enable Transformer. If you enable this option, Agent Hosts connected to this site will automatically go into kiosk mode. While in kiosk mode, the Agent Host becomes a web/application launcher which will redirect the user to the configured remote desktop interface. The user environment can be completely locked down and the user only allowed to interact with the Agent. If you disable this option, none of the settings in either the General or Advanced pages are processed.

Web Interface URL. This URL is used as the web frontend for the user's virtual desktop. This should be the access URL for your XenDesktop or XenApp environment,

Custom Title. If enabled, the Citrix Workspace Environment Management Agent kiosk window is given a custom title-bar.

Enable Window Mode. If enabled, the Citrix Workspace Environment Management Agent kiosk will start in windowed mode. The user will still be locked out of their Windows environment.

Allow Language Selection. If enabled, users are allowed to pick what language the Transformer interface is in.

Show Navigation Buttons. If enabled, the "Forward", "Back" and "Home" web navigation buttons display on the Agent kiosk window. "Home" sends users back to the web interface URL defined above.

Display Clock. If enabled, displays a clock in the Transformer UI.

Show 12 Hour Clock. By default, the Transformer clock is a 24-hour clock. If enabled, this will instead display a 12-hour clock (AM/PM).

Enable Application Panel. If enabled, this will display a panel with the user's applications as assigned in Citrix Workspace Environment Management.

Auto-Hide Application Panel. If enabled, the application panel auto-hides itself when not in use.

Change Unlock Password. This option allows you to specify the password that can be used to unlock the user's environment by pressing Ctrl+Alt+U. This is designed to allow administrators and support agents to troubleshoot the user environment without restrictions.

Site Settings

Enable Site List. If enabled, this option adds a list of URLs to the kiosk interface.

Tool Settings

Enable Tool List. If enabled, this option adds a list of tools to the kiosk interface.