Start the administration console

  1. Log on to your Citrix Cloud account.
  2. In the Workspace Environment Management service tile, click Manage (or click the Manage tab).

Configure your deployment

Use the Manage tab to configure Workspace Environment Management service settings.

  • Click menu items in the lower-left-hand pane to display their subsections.
  • Click subsection items to populate the main window area with appropriate content.
  • Change configuration as needed. See user interface reference for information about settings you can use.

Add the agent host to the configuration set you created

Add the agent host (the machine where the agent is running) to the configuration set in the administration console.

  1. In the administration console, click Active Directory Objects and then click Add.

  2. In the Select Users or Groups window, type the name, click Check Names, and then click OK.

  3. Click Machines.

  4. On the Machines tab, click Add OU or Add Object to add the machines that you want to manage to the configuration set you created.