Product Documentation

Upgrade an existing environment

Apr 26, 2015

You cannot upgrade or migrate XenApp to XenDesktop using automated migration or update tools; and you cannot upgrade or migrate XenDesktop to XenApp.


If you have a XenApp 6.5 or earlier deployment, build a new environment.


If you have a XenDesktop 4.x deployment, first build a new environment, then use the Migration Tool to transfer data and settings to the new Site. For details, see Migrate XenDesktop 4.

In-place upgrade

In-place upgrade lets you upgrade from XenDesktop 5 or XenDesktop 7 to the latest version quickly and easily, without disrupting or re-planning your XenDesktop deployment. Once upgraded, your users can immediately benefit from the new features delivered in these releases.

For specific upgrade information, see:
Note the following:
  • Do not attempt to upgrade from any Technology Preview or early release version.
  • You cannot upgrade earlier XenApp versions to the current version.
  • You cannot upgrade XenApp to XenDesktop.