Install using the graphical interface

May 28, 2016

Before beginning any installation, review and complete the tasks in Prepare to install.

Launch the installer graphical interface:

  1. Download the product package and unzip it. Optionally, burn a DVD of the ISO file.
  2. Log on to the server where you are installing the components, using a local administrator account.
  3. Insert the DVD in the drive or mount the ISO file. If the installer does not launch automatically, double-click the AutoSelect application or the mounted drive.
  4. Select the component you want to install:
    • If you’re just getting started, select Delivery Controller. From there, you can install the Delivery Controller and optionally, Studio, Director, License Server, and StoreFront on the same server.
    • If you’ve already installed some components and want to extend your deployment, click the component you want to install from the right column. This column offers core components and the Universal Print Server, which you can install on your print server.
    • To install a Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA), click the available VDA entry - the installer knows which one is right for the operating system where you’re running the installer.

Later, if you want to customize a VDA that you’ve already installed:

  1. From the Windows feature for removing or changing programs, select Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent <version-number>, then right-click and select Change.
  2. Select Customize Virtual Delivery Agent Settings. When the installer launches, you can change the Controller addresses, TCP/IP port to register with the Controller (default = 80), or whether to automatically open Windows Firewall port exceptions.

You can also use the graphical interface to upgrade components; see Upgrade a deployment.

As an alternative to using the full-product ISO to install VDAs, you can use a standalone VDA installation package. For details, see Install VDAs using the standalone package.

Install using the graphical interface