Diagnose user logon issues

May 28, 2016

Use these general steps:

  1. From the User Details view, troubleshoot the logon state using the Logon Duration panel.

    • If the user is logging on, the view reflects the process of logging on.
    • If the user is currently logged on, the Logon Duration panel displays the time it took for the user to log on to the current session.
  2. Ask the user to log off and then log on again so that you can observe the Logon Duration data. The panel typically updates after about 3 minutes, but it could take longer depending on the time taken for the logon to complete.

  3. Examine the phases of the logon process:

    • Brokering — Time taken to decide which desktop to assign to the user.
    • VM start — Time taken to boot the desktop.
    • HDX connection — Time taken for HDX connection establishment, dependent on the network.
    • GPOs — Time taken to apply group policy objects.
    • Login scripts — Time taken for scripts.
    • Profile load — Time taken to load the user profile.
    • Interactive session — Time taken to establish an interactive user session.

    The total logon time is not an exact sum of these phases. For example, some phases occur in parallel, and in some phases, additional processing occurs that might result in a longer logon duration than the sum.

    Tip: To identify unusual or unexpected values in the graph, compare the amount of time taken in each phase of the current session with the average duration for this user for the last seven days, and the average duration for all users in this Delivery Group for the last seven days.

    Escalate as needed. For example, if the VM startup is slow, the issue could be in the hypervisor, so you can escalate it to the hypervisor administrator. Or, if the brokering time is slow, you can escalate the issue to the Site administrator to check the load balancing on the Delivery Controller.

Troubleshooting tips: Examine unusual differences, including:

  • Missing (current) logon bars
  • Major discrepancy between the current duration and this user’s average duration. Causes could including:
    • A new application was installed.
    • An operating system update occurred.
    • Configuration changes were made.
  • Major discrepancy between the user’s logon numbers (current and average duration) and the Delivery Group average duration.

If needed, click Restart to observe the user’s logon process to troubleshoot issues, such as VM Start or Brokering.

Diagnose user logon issues