Enable custom event recording

May 28, 2016

Session Recording allows you to use third-party applications to insert custom data, known as events, into recorded sessions. These events appear when the session is viewed using the Session Recording Player. They are part of the recorded session file and cannot be modified after the session is recorded.

For example, an event might contain the following text: “User opened a browser.” Each time a user opens a browser during a session that is being recorded, the text is inserted into the recording at that point. When the session is played using the Session Recording Player, the viewer can locate and count the times that the user opened a browser by noting the number of markers that appear in the Events and Bookmarks list in the Session Recording Player.

To insert custom events into recordings on a server:

  • Use Session Recording Agent Properties to enable a setting on each server where you want to insert custom events. You must enable each server separately; you cannot globally enable all servers in a site.
  • Write applications built on the Event API that runs within each user’s XenApp session (to inject the data into the recording).

The Session Recording installation includes an event recording COM application (API) that allows you to insert text from third-party applications into a recording. You can use the API from many programming languages including Visual Basic, C++, or C#. The Session Recording Event API .dll is installed as part of the Session Recording installation. You can find it at C:\Program Files\Citrix\SessionRecording\Agent\Bin\Interop.UserApi.dll.

To enable custom event recording on a server

  1. Log on to the server where the Session Recording Agent is installed.
  2. From the Start menu, choose Session Recording Agent Properties.
  3. In Session Recording Agent Properties, click the Recording tab.
  4. Under Custom event recording, select the Allow third party applications to record custom data on this XenApp server check box.