Reference: Manage your database records

May 28, 2016

The ICA Log database (ICLDB) utility is a database command-line utility used to manipulate the session recording database records. This utility is installed during the Session Recording installation in the drive:\Program Files\Citrix\SessionRecording\Server\Bin directory at the server hosting the Session Recording Server software.

Quick reference chart

The following table lists the commands and options that are available for the ICLDB utility. Type the commands using the following format:

icldb [version | locate | dormant | import | archive | remove | removeall] command-options [/l] [/f] [/s] [/?]

Note: More extensive instructions are available in the help associated with the utility. To access the help, from a command prompt, type drive:\Program Files\Citrix\SessionRecording\Server\Bin directory, type icldb /?. To access help for specific commands, type icldb command /?.

Command Description
archive Archives the session recording files older than the retention period specified.

Use this command to archive files.

dormant Displays or counts the session recording files that are considered dormant. Dormant files are session recordings that were not completed due to data loss.

Use this command to verify if you suspect that you are losing data. You can verify if the session recording files are becoming dormant for the entire database, or only recordings made within the specified number of days, hours, or minutes.

import Imports session recording files into the Session Recording database.

Use this command to rebuild the database if you lose database records.

Additionally, use this command to merge databases (if you have two databases, you can import the files from one of the databases).

locate Locates and displays the full path to a session recording file using the file ID as the criteria.

Use this command when you are looking for the storage location of a session recording file.

It is also one way to verify if the database is up-to-date with a specific file.

remove Removes the references to session recording files from the database.

Use this command (with caution) to clean up the database. Specify the retention period to be used as the criteria.

You can also remove the associated physical file.

removeall Removes all of the references to session recording files from the Session Recording Database and returns the database to its original state. The actual physical files are not deleted; however you cannot search for these files in the Session Recording Player.

Use this command (with caution) to clean up the database. Deleted references can be reversed only by restoring from your backup.

version Displays the Session Recording Database schema version.
/l Logs the results and errors to the Windows event log.
/f Forces the command to run without prompts.
/s Suppresses the copyright message.
/? Displays help for the commands.

Reference: Manage your database records