Post-migration tasks

May 28, 2016

After successfully importing data from a XenDesktop 4 farm to a XenDesktop 7.x Site, complete the following tasks before using the new Site for production work:

  • Upgrade the Virtual Delivery Agents (VDAs). Although it is not required, Citrix recommends that you upgrade VDAs before upgrading Controllers, Studio, or Director.

    • For Windows Vista and Windows XP, upgrade to XenDesktop 5. 6 Feature Pack 1 Virtual Desktop Agent.
    • For Windows 7, upgrade to the XenDesktop 7.x Virtual Delivery Agent.
  • Create administrators you need for the XenDesktop 7.x Site.

  • Update user devices — Citrix recommends that you update user devices with the latest version of Citrix Receiver to benefit from hotfixes and to receive support for the latest features.

  • Modify the imported desktops to use registry-based Controller discovery, and point them to the XenDesktop 7.x Controllers using one of the following methods:

    • Manually edit the registry to remove the unnecessary Organizational Unit (OU) GUID registry entry, and add a ListOfDDCs registry entry.
    • Set up a machine policy to distribute the list of Controllers to the desktops, using the Active Directory policy GPMC.msc. You cannot use Studio to configure this setting.

    Registry-based Controller discovery is the default for XenDesktop 7.x, but Active Directory-based discovery is still available.

  • Optionally, implement the following registry key settings described in the best practices for XenDesktop registry-based registration in CTX133384:

    • HeartbeatPeriodMS
    • PrepareSessionConnectionTimeoutSec
    • MaxWorkers
    • DisableActiveSessionReconnect
    • ControllersGroupGuid

    If you do not perform this action, the default XenDesktop 7.x settings for these keys are used.

  • Turn off maintenance mode for the imported machines if they were in maintenance mode in XenDesktop 4 before the XML file was generated.

  • Check the XenDesktop 7.x settings to make sure that they are correct, particularly if you had changed the PortICAConfig XML file on XenDesktop 4.

  • Review all migrated components to make sure that the migration was successful.

Post-migration tasks