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Set up machine catalogs

May 08, 2013

To deliver desktops and applications to users, the machine administrator creates a catalog of machines. The assignment administrator allocates machines from the machine catalog to users by creating Delivery Groups.

Cloud-provisioned machine catalogs

This release supports hosting a Site in a cloud environment managed by either Citrix CloudPlatform (CloudPlatform) or Amazon Web Services (AWS). Keep the following in mind when creating cloud provisioned machine catalogs:

  • Machines are provisioned by Machine Creation Services (MCS).
  • AWS only supports Server OS and Server VDI machine catalogs.
  • AWS does not support Remote PC Access catalogs.

Prepare to create machine catalogs

Before you begin, ensure that you:

  • Identify the types of machine catalogs to create based on your environment and users. See Desktop and application delivery.
  • Identify the machine catalog machine infrastructure for your desktop delivery:
    • Power-managed
      • This machine catalog contains machines that are power-managed through Studio. If no hypervisor connections are configured when you create the machine catalog, this option is not available.
      • Connection to a cloud environment are always through virtual machines provisioned by MCS or existing images that use another service or technology option.
    • Not power-managed — This machine catalog contains machines (usually physical) that not power-managed through Studio.
  • Consider how you manage and create machines; this affects the recommended machine catalog type. You manage a machine catalog's machine images through one of the following methods:
    • Machine Creation Services use a master image or template within your environment to manage virtual machines, enabling you to easily manage and update target devices through one master image or template.
    • Provisioning Services manage target devices as a device collection. A Provisioning Services vDisk imaged from a master target device delivers the desktops and applications and enables you to leverage the processing power of existing hardware or virtual machines.
    • Existing images use another service or technology option, and manage and deliver desktops and applications that you have already migrated to VMs in the data center. You must manage target devices on an individual basis or collectively using third-party electronic software distribution (ESD) tools.
  • Prepare your environment:
    • Prepare a master image or template.
    • Provide Active Directory computer accounts.
    • Network interface card configuration — If multiple network interface cards (NIC) are available on a master image, you can select one to be used with the machine catalog, and you can also assign an available network to the NIC. You can also add NICs as described in Configure a network interface card.

Create machine catalogs

Use the Create Machine Catalog wizard to create new machine catalogs. The wizard prompts you about your environment and helps you select the machine catalog type that fits your requirements based on your responses.

Test the machine catalog

After creating or changing a machine catalog, you can run tests to ensure that the machine catalogs are ready for use.