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Desktop and application delivery

May 08, 2013

Citrix Studio provides a variety of desktop and application delivery approaches. These options help you meet the computing requirements of every type of user in the organization.

Collections of identical virtual machines (VMs) or physical computers are managed as a single entity called a machine catalog. If you are not provisioning through Machine Creation Services or Provisioning Services, Citrix recommends that you use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or another third-party application to ensure that the machines in the catalog are consistent.

The machines within these machine catalogs are configured to run either a Windows Desktop OS or a Windows Server OS. For users who remotely access their office machine, you can select Remote PC Access for those machine catalogs.

Note: Amazon Web Services (AWS) only supports Server OS and Server VDI machine catalogs.

You create Delivery Groups to deliver desktops, applications, or a combination of desktops and applications to one or more users. Creating a Delivery Group is a flexible way of allocating machines and applications from a machine catalog to users..

The following figure shows Studio's machine catalogs and Delivery Groups.

In a Delivery Group, you can:

  • Use machines from multiple catalogs
  • Allocate a user to multiple machines
  • Allocate multiple users to one machine

As part of the creation process, you specify the following Delivery Group properties:

  • Users, groups, and applications allocated to Delivery Groups

  • Desktop settings to match users' needs

  • Desktop power management options

The following figure shows how users access desktops and applications through machine catalogs and Delivery Groups.

Machine catalogs and Delivery Groups

Delivery method selection

There are several ways to deliver desktops and applications. The method you choose may depend on the types of applications you are hosting, the system resources you have available, and the type of user and user experience you want to provide.

For detailed information about selecting a delivery method, see Choose an application and desktop delivery method.

The following information can help you choose between these delivery methods:

  • Server OS provides access for multiple users connecting to one machine or one application.
  • Desktop OS provides access for a single user connecting to a machine or application.
  • Remote PC Access provides access to users' office computers from other locations through a single user connection. Remote PC Access does not require a VPN to provide security.