Product Documentation

Install the Desktop Lock

Mar 19, 2015
Important: Log on using a local administrator account to carry out this installation procedure.

This procedure installs the Receiver for Windows plug-in so that virtual desktops are displayed using the Desktop Lock. Do not use this procedure if you want the Desktop Viewer, which is included in Receiver, to be available to users.

  1. At a command prompt, run CitrixReceiverEnterprise.exe using the following syntax. This file is located in the folder called Citrix Receiver and Plug-ins\Windows\Receiver on the installation media:
    CitrixReceiverEnterprise.exe ADDLOCAL="ReceiverInside,ICA_Client,SSON,USB,DesktopViewer, 
    Flash,PN_Agent,Vd3d" SERVER_LOCATION="my.server" ENABLE_SSON="Yes"

    For information about the properties used in this command, see the Receiver for Windows documentation.

  2. Enter the URL of the Services site where your virtual desktops are located. The URL must be in the format http://servername or https://servername. If you are using hardware or software for load balancing or failover, you can enter a load-balanced address.
    Important: Ensure that the URL you enter is correct. If the URL is incorrectly typed, or you leave the field empty and the user does not enter a valid URL when prompted after installation, no virtual desktop or local desktop will be available.
  3. On the installation media, navigate to the Citrix Receiver and Plug-ins\Windows\Receiver folder and double-click CitrixDesktopLock.msi. The Citrix Desktop Lock wizard appears.
  4. Read and accept the Citrix license agreement and click Install. The Installation Progress page appears.
  5. In the Installation Completed dialog box, click Close.
  6. When prompted, restart the user device. If you have been granted access to a desktop and you log on as a domain user, the restarted device is displayed using the Desktop Lock.

User account considerations

When you install the Desktop Lock, the system uses a replacement shell. To allow administration of the user device after you complete the installation, the account used to install CitrixDesktopLock.msi is excluded from the shell replacement. If the account used to install CitrixDesktopLock.msi is later deleted, you will not be able to log on and administer the device.

Citrix does not recommend the use of custom shells because they might interfere with the replacement shell that is used for Desktop Lock sessions.

Users must use domain accounts to access desktops with the Desktop Lock. They cannot use local accounts.